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And about three weeks into it. I told the Turks I said next Sunday night, I want to just have an informal gathering. I said, I want to tell you what my own experience has been in searching for the fullness of the Holy Spirit of why I am still in ministry today. I thought maybe there would be 40 people show up something like that. Well the places. So I just told my to my story, my hunger my thirsty.

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And I have to tell you, it was like I was a match. Lighting would was added kindling temperature. And his habit was in order to relax after Dave counseling, go home and take a bath. Somebody else is driving down the freeway, the same thing happens with them. And she starts to praise God. And with this comes.

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And this is repeated over and over and over again. I had nothing to do with it. It was God working people for why. And he had been a few seconds spring all American University of Washington as a linebacker, and he did the kicking for the University of Washington. I really did except I felt like a child among among grown up I felt we were one of the people. Is he doing it by faith? Or is he doing my by your works and your efforts? By Fred Neth. Share on facebook. Share on google. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Passages Transcript. And so in the court of outside the temple, this huge court clap Corker thousands of people and Jesus stand.

But john says he lifted up his voice and he shouted out to the people, if anyone hears thirsting company and drink, and out of your innermost being multiple rivers of living water. And he did this over and over this, john said, repeatedly, I can imagine him up all the sovereigns of people, he would go one direction, then he turned the next direction, and collagen and collagen and collagen, if anyone is first, come to me and drink and out of his innermost theme or four rivers of water.

And instead of taking the route, the trade route that goes on north into what we know today is Palestine, God tells Moses to lead them right, turn right, and go out into the the wilderness of Sinai desert assignment. And so they do. And as they travel at night, they would set up shelter. And their their children to get dehydrated, the livestock are getting dehydrated. So Moses is so frustrated.

And when he does, out from this folder gushes a huge river water and had to be there. Because look at the number of people that had to be one I had to be provided, and the lifestyle. And and so the people are, are renewed and prepared to go on on on their journey. But for some for seven days, they were this stay in the shelters as a reminder of what their ancestors went through, when they migrated out of each. And they would pour the hot as as an ablation the God of Thanksgiving, or what he provided for their ancestors in the wilderness got the picture.

And very knowledgeable innermost being or four rivers of living water knew what he was referring to. And then john, explain it says what Jesus said, he was indicating about the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit would come after Jesus was gone. And so we know the history, the death, resurrection, the 40 days of the parents, essentially to the Father, who a glorification, and the Lordship establishing of Jesus lordship over everything.

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And then as they waited, on the day of Pentecost, the river began. There are three stages that Jesus said, occur concerning always. The first is thirsty, that has a little bit of thirst for like the people in the wilderness, their desk, the hydrate, desperately needed was so funny part is like that chooses the first.

The second is the drink. Come to me and drink.

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And the third is, gosh, say the first thing the drinking and the flooded. Say it again. Thirsty drinking, buddy. My first pastor was in a small logging town in in Washington, Western Washington. And this was the beginning of this deepening first in my own life during this pastor. And one of the things that proud of this was the fact that one of my great preaching nothing was happening. We celebrate the resurrection. So he is one with us. So we moved to Southern California, where I engaged in graduate studies at for a seminar in Pasadena.

And so I had two hats.

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And so on the way I would stop at the church, and this particular church had a fantastic pasture steady, you would you would just over this is this Saturday, it was it had its own bathroom, shower. And it was be I mean, yeah.

Go to your way. And then I, I started, where do you go? I wanted to close on this whole thing. I want to know about the power of the world, your question is presence. And I literally, I say this very humbly, I literally prostrated myself, in that beautiful study on the car is calling upon. And so this just kind of fed what was going on. It seemed just like a few minutes about this is unusual.

And I was impatient. And I knew I saw folks, but not not here. This is just. The New Testament is not a replacement of the power of the Holy Spirit. All the testimony of what the Holy Spirit dive. So we went to boot.

I would spend maybe two or three hours of her and I knew I was worshiping God 10 foot. I knew I was present. When we realized Angeles, and I was interim pastor there, there was a lady from China, Chinese lady from Taiwan that did come over and Christian. And we in a church there in Los Angeles we had missionary that was retired that had spent his life in China. Would you bring a conference company message to these people because then you will be Mandarin speaking can tell me. And so I kind of got back, contingent on for the next few weeks.

I struggled with this. So I really suck up. And then pause, also talk about interpretation. I see this because this began this began my my drinking and this again, the the flow. I told everyone what happened. World was in you drop your watermelon. And for about a year it was kinda took over the process, her hunger, deep and deep. And then she has her own story.

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And I might be bilingual and my worship. I have a call from a church in Seattle. Well the places and people were standing all across the back Lord on the side Whoa. This this thing just explode.